LIT bursaries for former St. Nessan’s Community College students

Congratulations to 13 former students of St. Nessan’s Community College currently attending LIT who shared bursaries worth €143,000 donated by private companies. The bursaries were divided amongst 5 students who started their studies last year and 8 who started this year and are worth €11,000 to each student over the duration of their studies. The bursaries were donated by IPB Insurance who funded 10 of the students with the other three being funded by BHP Laboratories, Averian and Grant Thornton.

The article is taken from the “Limerick Chronicle”, Dec 9th 2014

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1st Year Soccer Training

The 1st years at St.Nessan’s Community College being put through their paces with Barry Lynch from the Arsenal Double Double Club

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Space Scientists get Ministerial Approval

Minister of Education and Skills Jan O’Sullivan visited our school on the 28th of November 2014 to personally congratulate Jamie O’Connell, Kevin Hanley, Jason Hannan and Johnathan Roche on becoming the first ever Irish school to send an experiment into space. The experiment, which is examining the effects of microgravity on reinforced concrete, spent 105 days aboard the International Space Station before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean on the 25th of October. The four lads also qualified for the BT Young Scientist Competition which will be held in the RDS in January where they are concentrating on the pre-launch analysis of the concrete. Their teacher Mr Doyle explained to the Minister about the countless hours the four students have invested into this project and how there has been a lot of international interest in the results.

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