St. Nessan’s Community College provides the following courses:

  • Junior Certificate
  • Junior Certificate School Programme (JCSP)
  • Transition Year (optional)
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Leaving Certificate Applied (LCA)
  • Leaving Certificate
  • Vocational Programme (LCVP)

Junior Certificate

Core Curriculum

English, Irish, Mathematics, French, Science
Catechetics, P.E., Religious Education, C.S.P.E. & S.P.H.E.

Option Subjects

Art, Craft & Design, History, Geography, Metalwork, MT Wood
Business Studies, Home Economics & Technical Graphics

Junior Certificate School Programme

Environmental & Social Studies

Leaving Certificate

Core Curriculum

English, Irish, Mathematics, Religious Education, P.E. & Career Guidance

Option Subjects

French, Geography, Biology, Business, Accounting, Home Economics, Art, Craft & Design, Building Construction
Engineering, Information Technology, Design and Communication Graphics, Physics, Chemistry

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

L.C.V.P. is offered to help provide students with an enhanced Leaving Certificate
Preparation for the World of Work
Enterprise Education

Leaving Certificate Applied Core Curriculum

Vocational Preparation
Vocational Preparation & Guidance
English and Communication

Vocational Education
Mathematical Applications

Vocational Specialism
Hotel Catering & Tourism
Child/Community Care

Short Course
Introduction to Information & Communication Technology

General Education
Gaeilge Chumarsáideach
Social Education
Leisure & Recreation

Elective Modules
Religious Education
Craft & Design

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